About Us

Why Whatelse?

  • Market Potential: The electronic ​waste market is expanding exponentially, creating a lucrative opportunity for companies focused on responsible recycling and resource recovery. WhatElse is strategically positioned to capture a significant market share through our innovative processes and commitment to environmental sustainability.

  • Technology Advantage: We use proprietary technologies that extract valuable materials from electronic waste efficiently and safely, minimising environmental impact. Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped to handle a wide range of electronic devices, ensuring maximum resource recovery.

  • Environmental Impact: WhatElse is not just a business; we are on a mission to contribute positively to the environment. Investing in us aligns your interests with a company prioritising sustainability and corporate responsibility.

  • Experienced Team: Our leadership team brings a wealth of experience in waste management, technology, and sustainable practices. With a track record of successful ventures, we are confident in our ability to drive WhatElse to new heights.